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Full control of your computer's handling of data and exchange of information with the outside world. Immediately stops unauthorized handling of your data and access.

Blackfog product features

BlackFog has more than 11 layers of protection against online threats.


Extra layers of security

BlackFog supports your current security solutions and is an extra layer of security to complement your firewall and antivirus.

Safe operation and data protection

BlackFog prevents your file data from being infected, encrypted or transmitted without your permission.

Protection of behavior and privacy

Your computer and you are secured against inappropriate use of eg. webcam, microphone and theft of personal information.



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We offer a review of BlackFog's full potential via weekly webinars - please contact us for participation booking.

If you prefer a one on one review, that is also an option. Together with the Country Manager from Blackfog, we can contact you directly and open access to a live training environment for you (and possibly a number of colleagues too), without charge, so you can experience the functionality and effect of Blackfog in a period and get a base for decision-making.

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